5 Pack Super Jugs (Set #1)

It's a roof, it's a steep wall, it's a vertical wall hold! It's a SUPER JUG!!!
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    No longer an issue of getting the best jug out of a 5 pack, a Super Hold in the Atomik world is a hold that meets very specific criteria. See below.  

    • This set of super hold climbing jugs includes 5 of the exact same hold.  
    • This 5-pack rock wall holds feature a skin-friendly texture (grippy but not slick) not normally found in the climbing industry. Perfect for high volume repeats as well as for beginner climber's newbie, soft skin. 
    • works on multiple angles by designing a double incut into the hold. 
    • spinner screw so that you can pin down your hold to an exact orientation. 
    • perfect jug for system and Treadwalls
    • Measures 5 inches wide x 5-1/2" inches tall x 2-3/4" inches off the wall



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We have 50,000 on order which is expected to arrive in late August-early September.