The product photo is our "Desert Camo" Color Combination.


That's right! We sell sea shells! 

Our five-pack sea shell-shaped climbing holds have been designed to deliver a variety of grips best suited for vertical to slightly overhanging walls. 

*The product photo is our "Desert Camo" Color Combination*

Conch Shell 

  • Rounded contoured top, much like a cobblestone with a 1/2" deep incut. 
  • Measures  5-5/8" wide x  3-7/8" tall x  2-1/2" standing off the wall.

Nautilus Shell 

  • Similar to a donut, offset lying on top of a piece of toast, with a 1/2" deep incut and a sweet left-thumb indent on the mouth of the shell. This is the easiest hold to grip in. this set. 
  • Measures  5-1/2" wide x  4-1/2" tall x  1-7/8" standing off the wall.

Fan Shell 

  • This hold has an incut at a 25-degree angle. The fan petal grooves seen on the face of the grip continue from the face over the lip and all the way to the back of the hold. These grooves direct your fingers into these channels for a claw-like grip. There is plenty of room behind the lip of the hold for your fingers as this hold stands 2-1/8" off the wall. 
  • Measures  4-1/8" wide x  4" tall x  2-1/8" standing off the wall.

Southern Quahog Shell 

  • Another sweet left-thumb indent with a 1/2" deep incut. The grooves on the hold deliver a unique grippy texture. 
  • Measures  4-1/2" wide x  4-1/8" tall x  1-5/8" off the wall

Sand Dollar 

  • With an intricate design on the front, the incut is a 3/4" deep jug with an organic contour delivering a unique feel. There is a nice rounded lip for maximum hand comfort. 
  • Measures  4-1/2" wide x  4-1/2" tall x  1-5/8" off the wall