Climbing holds for kids or are they?


This set was designed to challenge you as well as your little ones. Kids shapes should be fun for everyone which is why this set offers a lot more. We wanted to challenge their little hands with holds that were designed for their short fingers. This set offers slopers, crimps, mini jugs and edges.

The mushroom offers so much, I'm not sure we can really describe how good it is. It is a perfect hold to put on your wall for both you and your kids. Check out the individual description of this hold here.

When the acorn is placed right side up you can crimp in a variety of positions on both the left and ride side of the stem. It offers a pinch when it is upside down.

The flower offers several different hand positions, 2 being medium sized jugs.

And lastly, but in no way least since is the Big Daddy of the bunch, the extra large four leaf clover. Children and adults can get both hands on the leaves. In a roof, an adult hand size will get one and a half pads of hold. You can hang one arm from it. 

For more detailed info on each hold, they are sold separately on the Kids Holds tab.