5 Pack Dinosaurs

Roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! These novelty climbing holds are sure to make wall paths more enjoyable for your younger climbers.
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    Kids rock climbing holds with kid friendly shapes to excite your children. These are very large, 10 to 12 inch climbing holds for kids with more than enough room for two hands. 

    • Tyrannosaurus Rex : This dinosaur hold features a jug on his head and an incut rail along his spine and tail.
    • Triceratops : There is a jug on his back and if rotated, you can grab an edge on his armored head.
    • Pterodactyl : This guy has a jug on his head.
    • Stegosaurus : You can grab his head or on the bony plates. 
    • Brontosaurus : Pinch his neck, grab the head or even his back and don't forget the tail! A rock wall rock with lots to play on.




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