5 Medium Basic Slopers Set #1 (Series 2.0)

Perfect sized hold for home walls.


When you are looking to fit some holds into the small spaces on your cramped home wall, medium-sized climbing holds go a long way. And to get a hold of this size to be a sloper, you have a winning choice.

The incuts on these slopers range from neutral to 25-degrees incut, which means there will be a challenge for beginners on vertical walls but not too much. These feel in the V1 range on vertical walls. 

On a 25-degree wall, the incuts are present. Route setting these close together on a 25-degree wall will yield in the range of V2+. 

On a 45-degree wall, the party just got started. The easiest they will yield is V3, but after a few moves on them, a V4 pump comes into play. 

Dynamically setting these holds as sidepulls, underclings, and even the jug orientation will jack up the grade quickly. For the hardcore, you will like these best in steeper terrain.

This set is an excellent choice for all climbers on any angle of walls except roofs. 

Here are links to all three sets. Set #1Set #2Set #3.  

  • SIZE: On average, measures 4" wide x 3" tall x 2" standing off the wall. 
  • V1 on vertical walls. 
  • V2 on 25-degree walls. 
  • V4+ on 45-degree walls. 
  • TEXTURE: The texture is silky, grippy, and skin-friendly that feels like natural rock.

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