5 Large Steep Wall Granite Rails (Screw-on)

Jugs on low-angled walls, two-fingerpad deep incut rails on steep to super steep walls.

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These rails offer wide two-handed grips that are two finger-pads deep. They can be considered medium/mini jugs on angles from vertical to 25 degrees overhanging. They start feeling like rails in 45-degree terrain. 

The incuts have varying angles from 25 degrees to 60 degrees incut, and they are contoured just like real granite with cracks and angle changes along the Z-axis.  

  • SIZE: The smallest hold measures 6-3/4" wide x 2-5/8" tall x 1" standing off the wall. 
  • SIZE: The largest hold measures 8-1/4" wide x 3-1/8" tall x 1-5/8" standing off the wall. 
  • V1- on vertical walls. 
  • V2 on a 25-degree wall. 
  • V3/7 on 45-degree walls. 
  • TEXTURE: Rock-like granite texture.