Simply Slopers.


Atomik's "Simple" style refers to the crease on the hold. The crease gives the climber that little bit extra of a catch to stay on. The shape makes these holds functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. They make for challenging problems, even with good feet. These holds are great for advanced climbers on steep walls, and they make for fun, moderate problems on less steep walls. This is a set worth getting if you are looking to train grip strength on any angle of a wall.

For the beginner, this is an excellent set for vertical walls. The creased side will be the easiest, and if you want something more challenging, you can then rotate them 180 degrees. The beginner can expect V1/2 on a vertical wall. V3 if you flip them.

With a larger hand, there are opportunities to catch a thumb here and there because of their size, so a couple of them can feel pinchy if you rotate them away from being a true sloper.

You can expect V1/2 on vertical, V3 on a 15-degree overhanging wall, V4/5 on a 30-degree overhanging wall, V6 on a 45-degree overhanging wall, and V8/10 on 50-degree plus overhanging walls.

This set is an excellent choice for the limited space found on home bouldering walls.

  • SIZE: On average, measures 5-3/4" wide x 4-1/2" tall x 2-1/4" standing off the wall.
  • V1/2 on vertical walls.
  • V6 on 45-degree walls.
  • TEXTURE: The texture offers a skin-friendly grip that feels like natural rock.