5 Large Hueco Incuts/Edges (Screw On)

Rotate for edge, pocket, incut or get really crazy and grab the outside!


5 Large Screw-on Huecos with a variety of incuts and flat to slopey edges with a pocket-like feel. Most of the set offers room for an adult's 4 fingers yet since they are directionally-shaped, you can rotate to get the desired feel. Great beginner holds on vertical. V3 feeling in slightly overhanging terrain unless you are on the outside which would feel V5+. 

  • low profile holds 
  • room for one hand inside 
  • measures  6.5" wide x  6" tall x  1.75" off the wall
  • skin-friendly texture for all-day training 
  • Atomik 2.0 Texture (Smooth)