5 Large Golfus Pinches Set#1

A nice variety of widths.


My experience with these pinches went like this. I grabbed one of the pinches, then I readjusted, again, and again. The divots are all over the place, which makes the sweet spot a little less obvious. They are incut at about 2" wide, which gives you quite a bit of digging-in room.

On a 45-degree wall, expect V4+. On a vertical wall, V1.

Because these are incut, they make great intro pinches for beginners on vertical walls. This set also does well for Commercial Playgrounds, as they have molded spinner screw locations.

For a harder version, check out Set #2

The bottom line is that this set works for everyone.

  • Measures 2" to 3" wide x 5" tall by 2" to 2-1/2" off the wall
  • V1 on vertical walls
  • V4 on a 45-degree wall
  • Texture: Atomik 2.0