5 Large Basic Steep Wall Slopers Set #4 (Series 2.0)

There's something special about this set.


The special detail to Set #4 is that the sloper does not go all the wall back of the hold. We've added a flare so that your hand pushes to the face of the hold. It's a step away from the traditional bowl-shaped sloper. 

On vertical walls, you can expect a V2 feeling hold. On a 25-degree wall, expect V3/4, and on a 45-degree wall, expect a wide range from V5 to V9. 

On a 45-degree wall, the range is so big because you can orient these holds as sidepulls and set compression problems. This orientation is the easiest for these holds. Setting them with the sloper in a horizontal position is the hardest. 

I set a V5 on a 45-degree wall with this set. I used feet in the golf ball size range, and I did use the sidepull/compression approach to see how easy I could set with them. 

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  • Wide: 5" to 5-1/2" 
  • Tall: 3-3/4" to 5" 
  • Standing off the wall: 2-1/2" to 3-1/4"
  • V2 on vertical walls. 
  • V3/4 on 25-degree walls. 
  • V5/9 on 45-degree walls. 
  • TEXTURE: The texture is silky, grippy, and skin-friendly that feels like natural rock.