5 Golfus Steep Wall Crimps Set #3 (30-Degree Incut)

Mini jugs on low angled walls. Crimps in steep terrain.

Wall Type determines the required bolt length needed to pass through the hold and the climbing wall. If you are not purchasing hardware, this option doesn't matter.


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This set of holds has a minimal footprint and offers an incut that is positive and deep. The incuts are +/- 30-degrees, which means that when you put them on a 45-degree wall, they are sloping 15-degrees. They feel in the V5/7 range on a 45-degree wall. 

This set feels like mini jugs on a vertical wall and is appropriate for the beginner climber. Even though the holds are on the small side, the incut is so steep that they are straightforward to hold on to. 

There is a little bit of variety between the incuts but overall, similar. The Golfus dimples are on the incut, forcing you to adjust on the hold to find the most comfortable place to pull on. 

 When you are purchasing holds this small, the angle of the wall will determine how comfortable the lip is. The steeper the angle of the wall, the more comfortable the holds get. 


Below are the hyperlinks to all three sets. 

Set #1

Set #2 

Set #3 

  • SIZE: 3-1/2" wide x 2-3/4" tall x 1-1/4" off the wall 
  • V0 on vertical. 
  • V1 on a 20-degree wall. 
  • V5/8 on a 45-degree wall. 
  • Texture: The texture is silky, grippy, and skin-friendly that feels like natural rock.

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