3/8" Proof Coil Chain by the Foot

Product Details:
  • • Grade 30 Proof Coil Chain
  • • Zinc Plated
  • • Working Load Limit: 2650 lbs


All customer-specified quantities will come in one length.

Grade 30 proof coil chain, sometimes referred to as common coil chain, is an economical general utility, low carbon steel chain ideal for light-duty applications involving pulling or restraining. Proof coil chain is perfect for everyday use in ordinary applications where high-strength characteristics are not required. Grade 30 chain is commonly used for various industrial and agricultural uses, including towing, logging, lashing cargo, and guard rails. Proof coil chain is not intended for overhead lifting.

  • Great general-purpose, light-duty chain
  • Get it by the foot
  • Not intended for overhead lifting
  • Can be extended using quick links
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