34 Pack (For Little Hands)

Small holds for small hands.


Twenty-four mini handholds and twelve tennis shoe-friendly footholds describe this set. Good jug designs do come in small packages.

The 34 Pack offers round and straight, deeply incut mini jugs. A child gets a full hand's worth of purchase which feels more significant to their smaller hands. This size is perfect for toddlers to elementary-aged children on vertical walls. 

Over the twenty-four handholds, each jug differs regarding incut and how positive they will feel. The incuts range from slightly incut to deeply incut, which offers an excellent variety of grips. 

In steep 45-degree wall terrain, the holds feel like crimpy edges. The easiest they will yield in steep terrain is around V3. An adult can get three fingers on most of them and even four on a few. 

This set consists of the following: 

Products specifications

Total Holds34