How to Install a T-nut

(This How-To assumes the t-nut patterns have already been drilled into the panels. If you are not ready for this step, follow this link to find our T-Nut Layouts.

How do you choose which type of t-nut you want? 


A Round Base T-nut is easier to install even though it's easy to think that the 3 screws will require more time to install. However, these t-nuts slide effortlessly into your drilled holes. Assuming you drilled your holes straight, you push the t-nut into the hole, zip in the three screws, and voilà! You have a properly installed round-base t-nut. 



A 4-prong T-nut is more difficult to install because it must be impacted with a hammer several times. Since the prongs secure this T-nut, they have to be driven into the panel by force. When you hammer, the force may improperly angle the T-nut. A T-nut installed on an angle is problematic because it increases the chance of being cross-threaded when installing the climbing hold from the front side.