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#32. How to Install a T-nut

How to Install a T-nut 

This How-To assumes the t-nut patterns have already been drilled into the panels. If you are not ready for this step, here you can find our T-Nut Layouts. 

This is a great time to ask yourself which t-nut you want.

Here is the Round Base T-nut on the left and the 4-Prong T-nut on the right. 


A Round Base T-nut is easier to install even though people think 3 screws take a lot of time. They slide effortlessly into your drilled holes. Assuming you drilled your holes straight, you push the t-nut into the hole, zip in the three screws, and voila you have a properly installed t-nut. 

3 pics here 

A 4-Prong T-nut is harder to install because you have to impact the t-nut with a hammer several times. Since the prongs are what hold this t-nut, the prongs have to enter into the panel by hammering them. It is possible that when you are hammering, the force angles the t-nut. A t-nut installed on an angle is very bad because it increases the chance of you cross-threading it when installing the climbing hold from the front side. 

3 pics here