Three distinctly different rails for variety.


These three Scoop Rails have a variety of incut ranging from juggy to neutral. All of them offer a different thumb catch from slightly incut to slightly slopey. The average width of 12" inches leaves plenty of room for both hands. 


Rail #1: 

SIZE: 12-3/8" wide x 6-1/4" tall x 2-7/8" standing off the wall. 

Rail #1 has a 35-degree incut. That means that when this hold is set on a 35-degree overhanging wall, you have a neutral incut ledge. The thumb-catch on this hold is a scum, but it is there, and it does help keep you on. This is a V0 hold on vertical and V5+ on a 45-degree wall. We like setting with this hold in the vertical orientation. You get a compression-like hold when trying to move off of it. 

Rail #2

SIZE: 11" wide x 5-1/2" tall x 3-3/8" standing off the wall. 

Rail #2 has a 15-degree incut. When set vertically, the face of the hold where you can thumb-catch and pinch is 2". On a vertical wall, this is a V0+ feeling hold. On a 45-degree, it is an extreme sloper; however, you do get a slightly incut thumb-catch. As a sloper on a 45, without using the thumb-catch, expect V8. As a pinch using the thumb-catch, expect V3. 



Rail #3

SIZE: 11" wide x 6-1/4" tall x 3-1/2" standing off the wall.  

Rail #3 is the most difficult of the bunch. The incut is neutral to 5-degrees incut. This makes it a V1 hold on a vertical wall. When set as a pinch, expect a 3" wide pinch with a sloping thumb-catch. The thumb-catch is more of a scum, especially in steep terrain. On a 45-degree wall, this is a V9 feeling sloper. We like this hold in the vertical orientation in steep terrain for compression problems.