25 Steep Wall Technical Footholds (Screw-On)

Advanced-level footholds.


This set is an excellent choice for up your footwork game. The deal on this set is that a micro-edge had been shaped onto a base plate. This offers a sturdy hold that won't break while offering tiny edges in the range of 1/8" to 3/8" deep. The incuts are omnidirectional, which means you can rotate the hold to get worse or better depending on how difficult of a foothold you want. When standing on these in steep terrain, they feel similar to edging on granite. Perfect for the homewaller to dial in the foothold you are looking for. 

Because the backplate can get in the way on low-angled terrain, this set is best used on overhanging walls. 

  • SIZE: The average hold measures 2" wide x 2" tall x 7/8" standing off the wall. 
  • Best used on overhanging terrain. 
  • TEXTURE: Atomik 3.0, which resembles 150-grit sandpaper.