25 Kids Wall Pack #3 (Screw On)

Kid friendly!
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    This set has tennis shoe friendly footholds and lots of positive grabs. An excellent choice for a 4' x 8' panel wall. 

    They attach with screws NOT bolts and t-nuts.

    If you prefer a bolt on hold that uses a bolt and a t-nut, try our 24 Kids Pack. 

    This collection of children's climbing wall holds is designed to meet the needs of preschoolers and up – easy for them to hold on to yet versatile enough to challenge them as they grow. Offering grips designed for their little hands to fit and giving them the confidence they need to ascend. This kids' rock climbing hold set helps build an encouraging climbing environment for kids while holding their attention as long as possible.

     This set includes: 

    10 Medium Scoops BFF (Screw-on)

    5 Large Basic Jugs (Screw-on)

    10 Medium Basic Jug (Screw-On)

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