24 Kids Playground Pack Golfus

A premium set of climbing holds that are ideal for small walls and play structures.
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    The 24 Pack Golfus is designed to meet the needs of preschoolers and up. The holds are easy for kids to hold on to, yet versatile enough to challenge them. In the style of Golfus (subtle divots and comfortable texture), these holds are for little and big hands. The 14 medium and large-sized hand-holds are appropriate to give young climbers the confidence they need to ascend. The remaining ten grips are medium-sized and perfect for climbers wearing tennis shoes, socked feet, and even bare-feet due to their rounded shape.


    We recommend this set for outdoor walls and playgrounds because every hold has a manufactured spinner screw location. With the wall and the climbing holds expanding and contracting, because of the outdoor temperature fluctuations, the spinner screw keeps the hold in place.

    • Barefoot friendly holds
    • Great for Commercial Playgrounds 
    • Manufactured spinner-screw locations 
    • Texture: Atomik 2.0  








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We have 50,000 on order which is expected to arrive in late August-early September.

24 Kids Pack

Specific kids’ climbing wall holds chosen with your child in mind.