Set of 2 Horizontal Pipe Bombs (2")

Dynamic pull up system for a better pull-up
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    The 2" Horizontal Pull Up Pipe Bombs are a great training tool for any athlete. Their 2" diameter creates a very comfortable grip and their ability to rotate makes them both safer and more versatile than a normal pull-up bar. You can switch from pull-up to chin-up without regrouping, or you can focus on one or the other, allowing natural rotation for a more wrist and shoulder-friendly workout.

    They're great for lacheing onto, making this pull up exercise equipment a staple for obstacle course training and Ninja Warrior, parkour, gymnastics, and rock climbing workouts; however, they are in no way limited to this group of athletics.

    In order to hang your Bombs, we recommend using our Bomb Accessories

    • 2 inches in diameter
    • 7 inches in length
    • Allows full shoulder rotation
    • Appropriate for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level training  
    • Premium 3/8" Stainless Steel Bolts
    • Lifetime Warranty

    Click here to view American Ninja Warrior, Karson Voiles', product review!  

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