2 Bolt Playground Climbing Hold - Simple - 5 Pack

Playground rock climbing holds that meet ASTM and CSA standards




There is one hold design in this set. The hold duplicates five times to make up a set. They are exact mirror images of each other, so you are good to go if you want to build a head-to-head Lexan speed wall or Hanging Ninja Panels, as seen in the thumbnail images. 

This set is an excellent choice for ramped rubber soft play installs as its round contours are gentle on the children's hands and feet. Check out the 10 Pack-2 Bolt for more variety in shapes, which offers standardized bolt spacing and depth. 

Back-to-Back Speed and Ninja Walls

This product has been designed to be bolted back-to-back on 3/4"/19mm acrylic panels for speed climbing walls and ninja panels. The bolt length required to do this is the 3-1/2" Allen Head Socket Cap Bolt and a 3/8" Serrated Nut. 


  • Size: Measures 4-1/2" wide x 4" tall x 2-3/8" standing off the wall. 
  • Two-bolt attachment ensures the hold will never spin. 
  • Sold as a 5-pack.  
  • Clean rounded design for foot and hand comfort. 
  • An excellent choice for commercial playgrounds.