A pack that delivers a realistic rock climbing experience.


This layout features the 16 Pack Granite (Screw-On) on one 4'x8' wood panel (panel not included with purchase):

As you can see, this layout on one panel is sparse and offers a single route up the wall. This pack works great as an add-on to other packs. If you want more holds to complete your panel, we suggest looking at the larger granite packs hyperlinked below.

The 16 Pack Granite offers grips in a variety of shapes and sizes. It includes tennis-shoe-friendly feet, 1" deep incut edges, 1-1/2" deep incut jugs, and an XL finish jug. 

We recommend at least 24 holds for a single panel (4' x 8') wall, so if this set piques your interest, consider the larger packs listed below.


Below are packs that are associated with this 16 Pack 

16 Pack Granite (Screw-On) 

26 Pack Granite (Screw-On) 

36 Pack Granite (Screw-On) 

64 Pack Granite (Screw-On) 

94 Pack Granite (Screw-On) 

106 Pack Granite (Screw-On)



Below are the full sets the 16 Pack holds come from 

5 Medium Granite Edges Steep Wall (Screw-On)

5 Large Granite Jugs (Screw-On)

10 Granite Tennis Shoe Friendly Feet (Screw-On)

3 XL Granite Jugs Set #2 (Screw-On)