15 Small Granite Steep Wall Feet (Screw-On)

Omni-directional slopey to slightly incut footholds.


The footholds in this set stand 3/4" to 1" off the wall. This hold size is not intended for children's climbing walls or tennis shoes; they are designed for commercial climbing shoes. With a commercial climbing shoe on, this size of foothold will challenge a beginner on a vertical wall. They are excellent gateway holds for teaching footwork. 

The holds in this set have at least one side of the hold with a distinct incut so that you can toe into the hold in steep terrain. This means they require proper foot placement to stay on them, but they forgive those with sloppy footwork—the width of the place where you can step ranges from 1/2" wide to 1" wide. 

What I like most about this set is the variety. Every hold has been designed to offer a foothold no matter how you rotate them. This is called omnidirectional. This design style ensures you can turn the foothold into the difficulty you want. Suppose you want this set to feel hard on your 45-degree wall, no problem; rotate the incut away from where you want to step. 

Check out the 20 Super Small Granite Low Angle Feet for a less favorable version.

  • SIZE: The average hold measures 1-1/2" wide x 1-1/2" tall x 7/8" standing off the wall. 
  • Omnidirectional to work on all angles of walls. 
  • Excellent in steep terrain for the intermediate to advanced climber setting V3 and above. 
  • TEXTURE: Rock-like granite texture.