1.5 Inch Compact Ring (One Ring Only) (24 inch sling optional)

Next level gymnastics rings. This product is poured to order.
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    This product is poured to order. It requires a 72 hour cure time. Expedited orders will be shipped 3 business days after the order is received. 

    The 1.5 Inch COMPACT Ring has been designed to withstand the rigors of the Ninja and Amusement Park industry. 

    • 1.5-inch diameter ring
    • 9 OD inches across ( same as a gymnastic ring ) 
    • 5-7/8" ID inches ( smaller than a gymnastics ring ) 
    • Comes with 24-inch sling unless deselected
    • Need a longer sling? Click HERE
    • Machined smooth texture is easy on the hands 

    Disclaimer: This product is only intended as a training device and gymnastics ring and is NEVER to be used as a structural linkage of any kind.

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