15 Degree Peg Board System Wall ( Holds Only )

Intense and versatile peg board products.
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    VIDEO of how strong most of us wish we could be. 

    This is not your run of the mill peg climbing wall. This pegboard system is on a 15-degree angle so once your feet leave the lower foot rungs, your body tends to be parallel to the board. This relieves the pressure on the peg inside the Receiver. The result is that the peg sees a decreased amount of purchase and will shoot you off. ALWAYS, use a spotter and safety mats when training on a peg climbing wall.

    • 15-degree Peg Board Receivers (35 pieces): Sloper on the outside which engages an open hand grip position. 1.25" peg hole on the inside.
    •  Foot Rails ( 1.5" inch 80/90 Rail )(9 pieces): For power challenged athlete to take weight of of their upper body. 
    • Large Rings (23 holds): Work on right and left hand repeating movements. Also acts as a down climb holds.
    • Wood wall and frame are not included in the pegboard climbing wall kit.   

    Hardware Needed:

    ♦10-24 x 4 Flat Head Phillips x 260 

    ♦1/4" Fender Washers x 260 

    ♦10-24 Nylock Nuts x 260