Tennis-shoe-friendly footholds with all positive grips. An excellent choice for schools, gymnastics, martial arts, cross-fit, trampoline parks, and ninja gyms!


When it comes to introducing new people to climbing, this set offers grips that accomplish immediate success. The holds are easy to stand on with a tennis shoe, and gripping them is easy.

This grouping of positive holds ensures that your clientele will enjoy themselves no matter their physical ability. If they can climb a ladder, then they can climb on these holds. 

The footholds in the set come from our BFF line, which stands for Bare-Foot-Friendly. It's true, you can stand on these holds with bare feet, but that hurts. It's also a practice not allowed in commercial climbing gyms. Our advice is to wear a shoe always when climbing. 

You might be worried that this set is "too easy" for your intended purpose. Too easy is rarely a climbing walls problem as it still offers success. Too hard of a climbing wall is a problem as it discourages. 

The holds in this set have a built-in solution. The directional designs allow you to rotate the grip left or right, changing the grip from a Jug (easy) to Side Pull (challenging for balance and forearm pump) to Underclings (hard). 

The normal orientation of a grip is to have the easiest part to grip horizontal to the ground. If you envision a cup bolted to your wall that is holding a liquid, that is horizontal.

Rotating the hold so that the incut is perpendicular to the ground turns the hold into a Side Pull. Traversing on holds oriented as Side Pulls is substantially more challenging to climb across than as jugs. 

This set will yield straightforward, easy climbing on a vertical wall, which measures as V0. Setting the wall up with Side Pulls will get you one more grade of difficulty to V1. 

This set is an excellent choice to ease up steep terrain. The mini jugs and pinches will add some steep wall variation though you should expect every hold to feel easy. On a 45-degree wall, this set will yield V2. 

Included in this pack: