120 BFF Pack (Great for schools, gymnastics, martial arts, cross fit, trampoline parks, and ninja gyms!)

Bare feet friendly!
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    When it comes to introducing new people to climbing, this set offers grips that accomplish immediate success. Large, friendly and comfortable, your clients will have a blast. 

    The footholds in the set come from our BFF line which stands for Bare Feet Friendly. So whether bare feet or tennis shoes, this set is designed for immediate success. 

    Included in this pack...

    • 12 Large Divot Jugs x 2
    • 12 Medium Divot Jugs 
    • 12 Large Rings 
    • 12 Large Simple Pinches 
    • 15 Medium Divots
    • 10 Medium Scoops (BFF) x 3 
    • 5 Medium Scoops (BFF) x 3 


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