Incut and comfortable.


The 12 Straight Mini Jugs give your child a full hand's worth of purchase which feels more significant to their smaller hands. This size is perfect for toddler to elementary-aged children on vertical walls.

Each jug is different regarding incut and how positive they will feel. The incuts range from slightly incut to deeply incut, which offers an excellent variety of grips.

The 12 Straight Mini Jugs feel different from the 12 Round Mini Jugs. The round allows your index and pinky finger to wrap around the hold. The Straight version forces your index and pinky fingers to be on the same plane as each other. This feature makes the Straight version better suited for steep walls where you are hanging on the incut rather than the lip.

In steep 45-degree wall terrain, the holds become fingery, and they start to feel like crimpy edges. The easiest they will yield in steep terrain is around V3. An adult can get three fingers on most of them and even four on a few. Expect the depths of the incut to average one and a half finger pads deep.

You'll read in the reviews that the intermediate to the advanced climber uses this set on their walls and like them.

  • SIZE: 3-1/8" wide x 2-3/8" tall x 1-3/8" standing off the wall.
  • V0/1 on vertical walls.
  • V3/4 on a 45-degree wall.
  • TEXTURE: The texture offers a grip that is skin-friendly and feels like natural rock.