12 Patina Pinches/Edges Dishes/Jugs

These climbing holds offer crazy thumb catches all over the place!
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    For a rock-like look and feel, these patina rock climbing holds include semi-positive pinches, dishes, jugs, edges and more!

    When setting your next route or boulder problem, reach for these when you want to climb on something that actually feels like outdoor rock.  The detailed design of these textured rock climbing holds forces you to set up on the hold rather than just slapping your hand on them. In terms of footwork, the patina design has a smooth dual texture surface that you can't just slap your foot on. Accurate hand and foot placements required. 

    They will yield a V3/V4 boulder problem on a 45-degree overhanging wall when set reasonably close together. These rock climbing handholds could yield V1/5.10 on vertical walls.