Divots are your friend when walls get steep.


The 12 Large Divot Jugs are comfortable grips suitable for most angles of climbing walls. On vertical walls, you can expect an easy-to-grab hold ideal for all beginner climbers. 


The Divot design style is a great way to get a little more purchase out of the hold using the divots as thumb catches. The steeper the wall gets, the more the thumb catches encourage a slight pinching action on the hold. This grip position allows you to move your body away from the hold further with more grip control. Comfortable and functional, this set is the epitome of staple grips for every climbing wall.

  • SIZE: On average measures, 5" wide x 3" tall x 2" standing off the wall. 
  • V0 on vertical walls. 
  • V2 on a 45-degree wall. 
  • Texture: The texture offers a grip that is skin-friendly and feels like natural rock.