12 Medium Basic Jugs (Dual-tex)

Super comfortable jugs in less steep terrain; positive power endurance holds in steep. Dual textured holds.
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    The Basic style is defined by smooth contours for your hands to lay comfortably on the hold. You can expect 5.9/V1 out of these holds on lower angled walls. The incut is on about a 45 degree slope so as the wall gets steeper, they become considerably harder. 

    Atomik Basic differs from Simple. There is no crease on the incut which makes Basic more comfy but less of an incut, so when the going gets steep the weak start slipping :)Basic has a larger footprint so that you can't pinch them as easily as the Simple jugs. 

    We consider these really positive Power Endurance holds in steep terrain. 

    • Dual Textured hold puts the grippy texture on the incut and glossy texture on the rest of the hold. 
    • Forces hands to engage on the hold without thumb catches. 
    • Using them as sidepulls or underclings forces the climber to use more precise footwork. 

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