12 Large Double Incut Roof Jugs

Perfect for steep walls.


The 12 Large Double Incut Jugs is a set that keeps on giving when used on steep walls. The double incut design comes into play as the wall gets steeper. So, on lower angled walls, your hand will wrap the lip of the hold. Your full hand will go deeper into the hold as the steepness of the wall increases all the way to roof sections. On a roof, you will experience the full size and incut of the hold.

With room for an adult hand, expect to get all four fingers in the hold. The incuts are all different with nice variations so that you can be creative with your route setting.

For the beginner climber that is closer to being intermediate, these are excellent holds to introduce you to steep wall climbing. They feel in the V1 range on a 45-degree wall so hard enough to keep your focus locked in but not so hard that you flail all over the place. For the intermediate climber, expect a hold that you can run endurance laps on.

If 12 holds seem like too many holds for you, we have selected the shapes that work best for both hands in a 5 Pack. 

And for icing on the cake, this set has been reviewed as "These are the best, most comfortable, most positive warmup jugs on my wall. They are worth every penny, and I would trade two or three other jugs in my collection for one of these as they are so good."

  • SIZE:  On average, measures 4-1/2" wide x 3-1/2" tall x 2-7/8" standing off the wall.
  • V1 in steep terrain.
  • The double incut design is best suited for steep terrain.
  • TEXTURE: The texture of this climbing product offers a skin-friendly grip that feels like natural rock.