Steep wall feet, small handholds, crimps, jugs, pinches, two sizes of slopers, and incuts.


The 115 Pack Steep Wall consists of steep wall footholds, small edges, incuts, crimps, pinches, jugs, and slopers. These specific holds excel on climbing walls that are vertical and steep. 

For the beginner, the 115 pack is an excellent choice for vertical walls. This set will introduce you to a variety of grips that will be challenging but not impossible. The feet are big for a vertical wall, and the grips are all incut. Even the slopers will have an incut on a vertical wall. This is an excellent "Welcome to Climbing set." Expect V1/2 on vertical walls, which is a whole step of difficulty above putting easy holds on your wall. 

The climbing holds are all directionally shaped, so a little bit of rotation can change their difficulty with minor adjustments. Route set with these holds in steep terrain, and you will get V3 to V6 feeling problems. Rock on; the intermediate climber won't be disappointed. 

The 115 Pack Steep Wall is a continuation of Atomik's 90 Pack Steep Wall. The 115 pack is a bigger set in that the extra 25 holds are all handholds—basically, more slopers, more jugs, more incuts.  

Below are the names and the quantity of each type. Each title is a hyperlink, so you can click each name to view where the holds are coming from and their specific product descriptions. 



Products specifications

Total Holds115