Bring outdoor rock styles to your climbing wall!


This set of 100 Rock-Like climbing holds is an excellent choice when you want your wall to look and feel realistic. You will get sandstone, limestone, granite, font, patina, and dripstone styles in sizes ranging from small to extra large. There are over 20 shapes that are considered extra-large. 

As for styles, expect crimpers, edges, pockets, slopers, pinches, and jugs. The whole spectrum is covered! If you have ever climbed on a natural rock, you know that many natural holds force you to set up your hands by shifting your hand positioning and fingers on the grips to find that "just right" feel. Many of the holds in our Rock-Like series offer you this experience.

We've chosen our five best-selling XXL holds in rock-like styles to take the 100 Pack to the next level of fun! They are big enough to add the two-handed fun we all love from commercial gyms while considering a home wall's limited space. 

Below is the breakdown of what is included in the 100 Rock-like pack: 

Products specifications

Total Holds100