100 Real Rock

Realistic looking rock designs to challenge and intrigue.
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    This set of 100 Real Rock Bolt-On climbing wall holds for sale is an excellent choice when you want your wall to look and feel realistic. You will get sandstone, limestone, granite, font and patina types of rock holds in sizes ranging from small to extra large in this set of bulk rock climbing holds. As for styles, expect crimpers, edges, pockets, slopers, pinches, and jugs. The whole spectrum is covered in this set of climbing holds for sale!

    If you have ever climbed on real rock, you know that many real holds force you to “set up” your hands (by shifting your hand positioning and fingers on the holds, in order to find that “just right” feeling) before you can pull on the hold. Many of the climbing wall holds for sale in our Real Rock series force you to do that.

    Hand and foot techniques can get lost when doing the majority of your climbing in gyms. Gym climbers simply do not experience the subtleties of outdoor climbing when they do most of their climbing inside. This set of climbing holds for sale is an excellent way to introduce and/or stay in touch with what it takes to climb outdoors.

    This bulk rock climbing hold set includes:

    21 small sandstone: big feet or small crimpers

    10 medium limestone: edges

    5 variety font: slopers and pinches

    7 sandstone mini jugs: incuts

    12 medium patinas: pinches, edges, dishes, jugs

    12 medium dripstone jugs: small and positive

    13 pack large sandstone: edges, incuts

    12 large limestone jugs: big holds

    5 large Joe’s pockets: very positive pocketed holds

    3 XL sandstone jugs: big jugs




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