100 Pack Classic (Screw On)

Grab your cordless drill with a Phillips ( star ) head bit and attach these holds super fast!
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    Grab your cordless drill with a Phillips head (star) bit and attach these classic screw-on climbing holds super fast!

    ‘Pre-drilled and pure urethane’, are the two things you want to hear when referring to screw-on holds. They give you an unbreakable, easy-to-install product. All you need is a cordless drill and at least ¾-inch-thick (or thicker) wood attached to a frame and you are ready to go!

    Foot holds, hand holds, challenging shapes, and plenty of fun, easier-to-grab climbing holds make up this priced-to-sell set of screw-on holds. There are more than a handful of two-handed jugs in this 100-pack of rock wall holds!

    These holds have 3/16-inch, pre-drilled holes in them and attach with #6 x 15/8-inch zinc-plated screws for a wood wall. Some customer prefer to buy deck screws that are specifically rated for the wood they re using. Deck screws are usually #8 in thickness and can be purchased from your local Home Depot or Lowes.

    If you choose the concrete wall option, you will be supplied with 2-inch-long Tapcon concrete screws (‘blue screws’) which require a little more installation work. You will need to drill a pilot hole using a hammer drill with the included concrete bit. Once that’s finished, you can then attach the holds with a cordless drill. Be sure not to tighten the holds down with a hammer drill!

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