Small holds for small hands and feet.


This pack has been specially curated for little hands! We have deliberately put together holds that will be manageable for the youngest climbers to be able to start learning and having fun on the wall. All of these holds are also tennis shoe and barefoot-friendly for little feet. Each of the 100 holds in the set offers a variation in size, shape, angle, and grip, offering a full small hand's worth of purchase and a good chunk of space for their feet to stand on.

Just because this pack is appropriately sized for any little ones who might be climbing the wall doesn't mean that it's only for kids. Adults can climb these, too! They will feel slightly more difficult for anyone with larger hands since the holds are in the medium size range. This set offers fun for the whole family and will be something your smallest kids can grow into for a long while.

We recommend adding ... Large Down Climb Rings for the safest environment. While these holds can be used like any other hold, they offer any child struggling with climbing with an easy way up the wall; their most important role is getting your child down off the wall safely once they reach the top. Introducing the Large Rings as the path down the wall helps remove any fear of heights the child might be feeling. A positive climbing experience at these young ages is critical in their development. We recommend adding five Large Rings per 4'x8' panel installed something like this...  

This Starter Pack Includes: