100 Pack Bolt-ons

One of our best selling packs, works well as a starter rock climbing pack for a home wall or a solid addition to any existing wall. A great variety of small, medium, and large holds. Do the math, it's a great deal for 100 holds.
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    A perfect set of rock wall holds to stretch your dollar as far as it can go. This set consists of all bolt-on rock climbing holds. Specifically:


    42 small holds:

    ·        21 classic

    ·         21 font

    36 medium holds:

    ·         15 positive

    ·         10 granite

    ·         11 mini jugs

    22 large holds:

    ·         10 classic jugs

    ·         12 limestone jugs


    The smallest of the holds can be stood on with a running shoe, and increase in size from there. Allen head bolts not included. 

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We have 50,000 on order which is expected to arrive in late August-early September.