10 Small Golfus BFF

Bare feet friendly as well as bulbous edges.
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    The holds in this set are larger than a normal foothold. Some will consider these to have a cobble-like edge feel to them. The larger foothold size brings them into our Barefoot Friendly (BFF) category. With their neutral to slopey tops, your foot has a nice little platform to stand on. This is the smallest set in our BFF line.  

    • Just enough size to use as footholds for bare and socked feet.
    • On vertical walls, expect a V4+ feeling hold. 
    • A great choice to put on our Mini Volumes.
    • For a larger version check out the 10 Medium Golfus BFF.
    • Measures 3" wide x 2" tall x 1-1/2" off the wall. 

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