10 Pack Medium Granite Edges (Bolt-On)

1" deep edges of varying incuts that feel like granite rock.


This set offers a variety of 1" deep edges from slightly slopey to incut granite textured edges. 

Where the variety comes into play is that you can grip one of the 40+ edge options or you can orient many of these holds as pinches. In the end, you get both. 

This is a great set for home climbing walls as the options are many. 

For the beginner climber, this is a great set for you on vertical walls. 


  • SIZE: On average, measures 3" wide x 3" tall x 1-1/8" standing off the wall. 
  • V1 on vertical walls. 
  • V2 on 25-degree walls. 
  • V4/6 on 45-degree walls. 
  • 45-degree incuts, which means they become challenging on angles steeper than 45 degrees. 
  • Texture: The texture is grippy that feels like natural granite rock.