10 Pack 2-Bolt Playground Climbing Holds

Playground rock climbing holds that meet ASTM and CSA standards.
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    HOW TO INSTALL ON A SOFT PLAY/RUBBER SURFACE ( Coming soon. See below for the written version) 


    To install on to a Soft Play/Rubber surface, it requires some planning. Below are the details. For pictures of the hardware to use and how it will look, please look at our thumbnail images found within this product's listing. 

    Here is the process. 
    1. Pour your concrete slab/mound.
    2. Drill and set all the concrete anchors. Use the actual climbing hold as your spacer. Every hold in this set has the same bolt dimensions, so you can use one grip to do that. We recommend a spacing of 18" apart in a staggered pattern.
    3. Now slide the bolt through a metal sleeve, and hand thread the bolt into the anchor. 
    4. Spray everything with a mold release that will discourage the rubber from adhering to the metal.
    5. Now install your Soft Play rubber surface.  
    6. Once Soft Play is cured, remove the bolt AND metal sleeve. 
    7. Now take the bolt and pass it through the climbing hold and hand thread it into each anchor. 
    8. Tighten down the bolts for final. 
    This set has been CNC designed to meet the standards of the Commerical Playground Industry. Each hold uses the same length bolt and the spacing pattern on every hold in the same for every hold. Look no further as this is our premium set to meet commercial standards. 


    • Measures on average 6" wide x 4" tall x 2-1/2" off the wall.
    • 2-bolt attachment ensures the hold will never spin. 
    • Sold as a 10 pack. 
    • Organic shapes for a variety. 
    • Foot and hand comfort.
    • An excellent choice for commercial playgrounds. 
    • Structural Lifetime Warranty.
    • Meets ASTM and CSA standards. 

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