10 Medium Joe's Pockets (Screw On)

Inspired by our local gemstone bouldering area Joe's Valley, these sandstone pockets are the ticket to add positive hold variety to your wall.
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    These finger pockets are sandstone textured yet skin-friendly and are all one and a half to two finger pads deep with ample thumb catches. Thumb catches are a plus because it makes it easier to grab on to the hold as the angle of your walls get steeper. They are not jugs for steep wall climbing but are relatively easy on vertical walls. They are realistically designed to feel like pocketed sandstone with undulations on the insides of the holds. On really steep walls ( 45 degrees to roof ) seven of the set offer a decent sized hold that ends up feeling like a pinch. When spaced closely together, they will yield V3 ( intermediate level climber ) on steeper walls.

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