10 Medium Granite EDGES Low Angle (Screw-on)

To crimp or not to crimp, there is no hiding.

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Some people climb, and then there are climbers—this set sorts who is who. The edges are all 3/4" to 1" deep with various concave, convex, angle-changing, and varying grips. When you first start climbing outdoors, we often hear, why is it so much harder? This set explains why. Rock is organic and forces the climber to "feel" their grip, which is what this set does. 

This set is for the beginner who wants to climb V2. They are not appropriate to challenge children as they are too difficult to grip due to their size and challenging hand positions. They are suitable if your child regularly climbs outdoors or at your local gym, though you still need many more positive holds on the wall. Even experienced climbers will not just have this type of hold on their walls. 

Now, let's get down to it. Some of the edges offer thumb-catches, and a few don't. There's a love-hate with that ;) Many of the holds have multiple positions to grip on the same side. This becomes obvious in this set's 5" to 6" wide shapes. 

On vertical walls, expect V2. On 25-degree walls, expect V5/6+, and on a 45-degree wall, expect nothing less than V7, but realistically, you are getting a mixture of V8 crimps, and a lot more side pulls at that level of pulling. If you are a V10 climber looking for a variety for your spray wall, this set is a good choice. The easiest hold in this set is a slightly incut 3/4" edge. 

  • SIZE: Widths range from 2-1/2" to 6"
  • SIZE: Heights range from 1-1/2" to 2-1/2"
  • SIZE: Stands off the wall 3/4" to 1" 
  • V2 on a vertical wall 
  • V6 on a 25-degree wall. 
  • V8+ on 45-degree walls. 
  • TEXTURE: Rock-like granite texture.