Fun, positive jugs for children and adults alike.


Since this generation is so technologically advanced with messaging, choose this set of novelty emoji rock climbing holds to get them off the couch and on the wall! This set of holds is easy to grip on most angles of walls. 

Though this set is intended as novelty holds for children's climbing walls, the more advanced climber might consider these for their steep home wall. On a 45-degree wall, you get a space-saving small footprint hold that feels V2. The lip is rounded and comfy, so campusing and cutting loose on them aligns with saving skin during a session. Expect one and a half to two finger pads deep. 

Follow these links to purchase these holds in 5 Packs, Set #1Set #2, or as a 10 pack.


  • Heart eyes 
  • Laughing to tears 
  • Classic smile
  • Right eye wink with tongue 
  • Cool Sunglasses 


  • Right eye wink 
  • Classic tongue with round eyes 
  • Nerd with glasses 
  • Googley eyes 
  • Cheesy grin  


  • SIZE: 3-/12" wide x 3-1/2" tall x 2" standing off the wall
  • recognizable emoticons
  • child-friendly grip size
  • campus friendly on steep walls
  • V0+ on vertical walls
  • V2 on 45-degree walls. 
  • TEXTURE: Atomik 2.0