10 Smear Slopers (Screw-On)

Sloper climbing holds that are ridiculously hard to grab without some help.


The 10 Smear Slopers are meant to be used as smear feet on vertical walls and make features feel easier, such as outside corners and volumes. 

They have a shallow profile with no way to cheat their difficulty. Our setters asked for insanely bad slopers for volumes, and here they are! 

The sizes range from 4" inches wide to 9" inches wide, and they stand off from the wall on average by 1" inch. 

  • SIZE: Largest hold measures, 9" wide x 2-1/4" tall x 1-1/4" standing off the wall. 
  • SIZE: Smallest hold measures, 4" wide x 2-1/2" tall x 7/8" standing off the wall. 
  • Expert level foothold or handhold. 
  • TEXTURE: The texture offers a grip that is skin-friendly and feels like natural rock.