1" x 80/90º Incut Campus Rung

A skin-friendly texture that competes with wood.


SIZE: 1" deep x 16" wide. 

ANGLE: 0-degrees on one side and 10-degrees incut on the other. 


There are two leading campus rungs in the industry. There are the common wood ones imported from China that many companies sell, and then there are the Made in the USA Atomik Polyurethane Resin Rungs.

Wood is known for its smooth texture, which rarely wears out a climber's skin. However, in post after post on social media, you will read that when chalk fills the pores of the wood, they become slick. You can hear your fingers squeak on wood when they get that gummed up with chalk. There is no easy way to get wood back to its original texture. Wood also changes over time with expansion, contraction, and splinters. We've owned wood rungs ourselves over the years, and they are nice while they are new. Polyurethane campus rungs, on the other hand, have many more desirable traits.

Traditional climbing hold textures are too rough for campus rungs, but not Atomik's Series 2.0 texture. The 2.0 texture has a 40% tighter cellular structure than the mainstream textures, and we achieve that by using a specific density of shaping foam. Right out of the box, the surface you will experience is grippy yet smooth. 

Need more reasons to choose resin over wood? Here they are. 

  • WARRANTY: These rungs carry a lifetime warranty. You will never have to replace them.  
  • TEXTURE: The texture is silky, grippy, and skin-friendly that feels like natural rock.
  • HARDWARE: Embedded washers. 
  • COLOR: Choose from our 42 color options. 
  • OPTIONS: Each rail has two different incuts, which are 10-degrees different from each other. This affords you a standard rung angle on one side and a harder version on the other.