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XXXL Dripstone Tufa

32 inches of Dripstone pinching.

XXXL Font Pinch

Check out the thumbnail image to the right! You can really see how big this hold is compared the the woman climber.

XXXL Hedron Pinch Rail

4.5 inch wide pinch!

XXXL Plymouth Rock

Land your hands on this rock Pilgrim.

5 XXXL Simple Ledges

Thank you God for this ledge.

XXXL Double Hander ( Ring 2.5" )

Big doesn't even begin to describe this monster ring!

XXXL Divot Jug

Humongous jug.

XXXL Fontainebleau Sloper

A Goliath of a hold that offers hours of slopey fun.

XXXL Hedron

Compression, core and sloper strength required.

XXXL Sandstone Boulder

Unlike most large features, this intricately designed climbing hold offers countless route setting options. Designed for 3 main orientations.