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Being a Distributor of Atomik Climbing Holds certainly has many advantages. You will be selling the Atomik product which carries our unconditional Lifetime Warranty along with some of the best designs in the world arena of climbing holds. We also pride ourselves in exceptional customer service while still keeping our product affordable.

Getting started is not as hard as you may think. You will need a running website. A Distributor will be given rights to use all of our images, info and technical data to create that website.  Once you have earned the Distribution Rights to a certain geographical area, we divert internet traffic that we already have to your website and those sales plus the ones you get are 100% yours.

Distribute the Atomik product in your country!

Atomik Climbing Holds has grown to be a full production facility with the ability to ship over $95,000 USD of product each month during normal business hours. Our product carries an unconditional Lifetime Warranty from breakage so you can confidently re-sell the Atomik brand to your customers with us backing you.

To start, you need a fully running website and product. The amount of product to start can be small ($2500 USD) or large. That is up to you.

We believe in results, not promises, so once you have purchased $5000+ of product within a 12 month period, you will have earned distribution rights to your country/continent. We won’t simply hand all the sales for that area over to you just on a promise.  

Small orders (less than $2000 USD) ship USPS. From point of order, these orders are in your hands usually within 2 weeks.

Large orders ($5000 USD +) ship AIR via our International Carrier. This takes 4 to 8 business days from us to get your large order picked up and then another 6 to 10 business days in transit. International Carrier AIR is the most cost effective way to ship our product to you.

Distribution Areas (see parentheses for availability)

USA (parent company Atomik Climbing Holds)

Canada (currently parent company but available)

Japan (

Isreal (Hard Rock Climbing Walls )

Australia (available)

South America (available)

Europe (available)  


To get started, please contact