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5 Medium Dripstone Slopey Edges

Test your skills on these slopers!
$19.99 $14.99

5 XXL Moons

Shoot for the moon! And if you miss, you'll be among the crash pads.

5 XL Hedron Slopers

Slopers that you can pinch.
$82.99 $62.24

5 XL Simple Slopers

Clean designs that are ready to get down to business.

XXL Basketball

Offset design for variety.

XXL Circle Font

This hold as is will offer a ton of sloper fun of low angled walls.

XXL Hedron Sloper

Dimensional sloper great for all levels of climbers.

XXL Soccer Ball

Full on sloper.

5 Extra Large Font Slopers Set #1

Have you ever climbed in the forest in Fontainebleau, France?

5 Extra Large Font Slopers Set #2

Now we're climbing!

The Orb ( XXL )

Take your route setting to another dimension.

The Divot ( XXL )

Positive on vertical. Negative on steep.

5 Variety Fontainebleau

As an introduction to font shapes, they are a great beginner to intermediate climber's dream on lower angles.

XXL Fontainebleau Sloper

This sloper offers countless options of how to hold it by just rotating it slightly.

XXL Heart Sloper

Sloper cobbles.Flip it over and get a really wide slopey pinch.

XXXL Circle Font

Measuring 22 inches x 22 inches she's huge and yields V3 on vertical walls.
$199.99 $99.99

XXXL Hedron

Compression, core and sloper strength required.

XXXL Fontainebleau Sloper

A Goliath of a hold that offers hours of slopey fun.

XXXL Plymouth Rock

Land your hands on this rock Pilgrim.

XXL Limestone Sloper

Think you are good on slopers? Try this one.
From $16.99

5 Small Cobbles

Use as feet for all angles, or as interesting hand holds on less-steep walls.

5 XL Steep Wall Fonts

Whether you want interesting fun shapes for low angles or steep, this set is for you.

7 Medium to XL Cobbles

Get a stronger grip by training on open handed climbing holds.