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25 Hedrons Tech Feet

5.12+ foot holds.

System Feet Set #1

We have designed this hold with different angles on it so that when you rotate it, you can choose harder or easier options to stand on it.It is an excellent steep wall foot hold or a beginner foot on lower angled walls.


Sold as a set of 2.

10 Assorted Smalls

When you need just a few, getting this partial set will do the trick.

10 Pure Smear Feet

When you want to have a foot hold for smearing.

10 Small Simple Crimps

When "nail biting crimps" are exactly what you want.

21 Classic Smalls

Looking for small little hand holds or decent sized feet? Check these out!

21 Divot Smalls

Use them for technical feet, intermediates or even vertical route setting. Test your skills when you have separate your fingers!

21 Fontainebleau Smalls

Use this set as small to medium sized feet for beginner and intermediate climbers or as some really fun and challenging handholds for the advanced climber.

21 Sandstone Smalls

The holds in this set are a little larger than a golf ball. They are excellent as footholds on most walls along with being great as small hand holds for the route setter wanting small crimpers.

21 Simple Smalls

Are you a route setter that needs foot holds and small little intermediate hand holds to set with? Read on...

21 Small Hedrons

Positive footholds that require a technical touch.

25 Assorted Smalls - Flat Head

These holds are a route setter's dream. They are all omnidirectional designs. Little crimpers and finger tip holds.

25 Bolt-on Feet

Another awesome set of holds at our awesome prices. These beauties have been designed at the request of our gym clientele for mass stripping in their route setting programs.

25 Simple Tech Feet

When your routes need hard to stand on foot holds.

5 Rock-Like Feet

Use as feet for all angles, or as interesting hand holds on less-steep walls.

5 Small Cobbles

Use as feet for all angles, or as interesting hand holds on less-steep walls.