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24 Kids Climbing Holds Wall Pack Bolt Ons

Specific holds chosen with your child in mind.

100 Pack Bolt-ons

Do the math, it's a great deal for 100 holds.

100 Real Rock Pack Bolt-ons

Realistic looking rock designs to challenge and intrigue.

100 Pack Screw-ons

Grab your cordless drill with a Phillips ( star ) head bit and attach these holds super fast!

60 Pack Variety

A well rounded set from small to extra large. The smallest is big enough to stand on with a running shoe!

63 Pack Gymnastics

When your climbers are in bare feet, rounded shapes like these provide comfortable climbing.

Yaniro Power Pack

Smooth textured training holds.

40 Pack Variety

Kid-inspired, tennis-shoe friendly and stylish—this set will bring a splash of fun to your climbing wall!

Great 108

Lots of holds makes your home wall happy!

Almost as Great 68

This is our Great 108 less the 40 small screw on holds.

50 Pack Screw-ons

From tiny grape sized feet to large finger bucket climbing holds, this set is an excellent choice to equip an 8x8 foot area.

32 Real Rock Pack

Bring the outdoor look and feel of rock to your wall with these carefully chosen shapes.

47 Pack Variety

A great choice for a low angle wall.

20 Pack Sandstone

Perfect as a sampler pack of our extensive sandstone hold line.