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Small Bombs (2.5 INCH BALL)

Designed with small hands in mind.

Medium Bombs (3.5 INCH BALL)

Great for tendon and shoulder friendly pull up work outs.
From $39.99

Large Bombs (4.5 INCH BALL)

Great for open-handed/sloper pull-ups.
From $49.99

XL Bombs (6 INCH BALL)

Serious sloper training.
$149.99 $119.99


Launch your attack on pinching with a set of Missiles!
From $46.99

Small Pipe Bombs ( 2 INCH CYLINDER )

Explosive results!
From $39.99

Medium Pipe Bombs (2.75 INCH CYLINDER)

Mid sized range pinch training.

Large Pipe Bombs (3.5 INCH CYLINDER)

If you want an iron grip strength. These are for you!

Bomb Workouts

Lots of great info on how to set up and train on the Bombs.